The Business Administration Certificate program is a course of study designed to provide students the opportunity to learn foundational skills needed in today's automated business environment. Having studied accounting, computer applications, business communications, customer service, management, and marketing, graduates may seek employment in offices, government agencies, or other business-related environments, such as retail and hospitality settings. Upon completion of the program, a CERTIFICATE is awarded.

Program Objectives – Students will be trained to: Effectively utilize concepts, terminology, principles, theories, and issues related to the field of business. Integrate behavioral and system approaches into the traditional analysis of the business. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively. Identify the various types of business-related laws, such as Constitutional laws, statutes, torts, criminal laws, and contract laws. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of law in business and society, including government regulations, consumer protection, environmental laws, worker health and safety, and employment discrimination. Review and identify business trends and events that will change the future business world. Use information systems to solve problems and make better business decisions. Potential job titles: Account Representative, Team Lead, Manager-in-Training, Assistant Manager, Front Office, Office Associate.

Course Number Course Title Theory/Lab Hours Credit Hours

BUS100 Business Fundamentals 32 3.0

BUS101 Computer Applications 32 3.0

BUS102 Business Communications 32 3.0

BUS103 Customer Service 32 3.0

BUS104 Management 32 3.0

BUS105 Marketing 32 3.0

BUS106 Business Law 32 3.0

BUS107 Accounting 32 3.0


Total Clock Hours: 256

Estimated Completion Time: 32 Weeks

This is a Certificate Program